Today most small power boats are imported and if anything that would rise,the market for cruising power boats would not all go over to small power boats. It is a popular hang-out for small power boats, and on warm summer weekends quite a number of them gather there.

Small power boats can "put down" some rising fish, but the passage of the boat can often create momentary surges in fish feeding. Often you see small power boats docked here. The jet drive is most often used in small power boats or as bow thrusters on large boats.

We see quite a few small power boats anchored in the grass flats with diving flags waving from their radio antennas. Small power boats are used like yard tugs to maneuver the freshly launched boats, cold iron, to their slips. A transom is a wide, flat, sometimes vertical board at the rear of the hull, which, on small power boats, is often designed to carry an outboard motor.

Many times small power boats have cut in front of us so close that they disappeared under the bow of the barge we were pushing and then reappeared on the other side of the barge. However, efficiency does not decrease much if the size is near to the best, and the best size is often too big to fit on small power boats.