proteomic, bioinformatic, biotechnology, cell biology, pharmacology

Merck Frosstıs Centre for Therapeutic Research is avant-garde in its genetic and proteomic techniques, two research sectors that are progressing rapidly. In the next few years, we will continue to invest vast amounts in bio-computerization and other computerized technologies in the quest to gather accurate research information to retrieve the most useful information to benefit Merck Frosst and the patients we hope to help.

he projects undertaken at the heart of the Biological Sciences department call for the latest technologies. More and more, high-throughput robots speed up the compound selection stage. Advanced techniques such as bioinformatics, proteomics and that for gene expression are all new tools allow for us to get through the complex biological processes prior to the perfecting of effective and well-tolerated medication.

Merck Frosstıs team at Centre for Therapeutic Research actively seeks scientists devoted to creativity and intellectual curiosity and possess exceptional competencies in biochemistry, bioinformatics, cellular biology, molecular biology, analytical chemistry, process chemistry, pharmacy, pharmacology, information science, computer science, and spectroscopy.